General Information

  • Abstracts should be written in English, not exceeding 350 words and should be submitted as a Word file (.docx or .doc) via the online submission form. The word count does not include the title, authors and affiliations.
  • Use font Arial 10 characters per inch (font size 10)
  • Use single spacing and type the text unjustified without hyphenating words at line breaks. Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines
  • Type your title in sentence case in bold with no full stop at the end (max 15 words)
  • Type family name first followed by the initials of the first name of the authors (Rubens P.P., Van Eyck J., etc.)
  • Type affiliation underneath the authors: Dept., Institution, City, Country (do not mention street addresses, PO boxes or zip codes). When there are multiple affiliations number them as follows and use the semi-colon between the multiple affiliations:
  • 1Dept. A, Hospital A, City, Country;2Dept. B, Hospital B, City, Country;3Dept. C, Hospital C, City, Country
    Ideally, your abstract is structured as follows: Introduction and/or Aim / Materials and Methods / Results / Discussion and/or Conclusion. In structured abstracts, paragraph headings should be typed in bold followed by a colon and by regular text. Do not use the heading ‘Abstract’ and do not put blank lines in between the paragraph headings. Do not list references in the abstract.
    Introduction/Aim: Followed by regular text.
    Materials and Methods: Followed by regular text.
    Results: Followed by regular text.
    Discussion: Followed by regular text.
    Conclusions: Followed by regular text.
  • If you add a paragraph ‘Acknowledgements’ and/or ‘References’, put a blank line before these paragraph headings.
  • Speakers and chairs of accepted individual talks, posters, symposia and workshops are NOT exempted from paying the registration fee

ESSSB in 2024

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