General Information

The European Symposium for Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour (ESSSB) is a biennial conference held in Europe. The aim of the conference is to provide a venue of knowledge exchange between researchers, clinicians, practitioners, and people with lived experiences. The 19th ESSSB conference will be held in Copenhagen during August 24-27, 2022.

The ESSSB conference is organised by the Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention (DRISP). DRISP’s goal is to reduce sufferings related to suicidal thoughts and suicidal behaviour in Denmark. DRISP is led by Senior Researcher Annette Erlangsen and is a part of Copenhagen Research Center for Mental Health (CORE), a research unit lead by Professor Merete Nordentoft. DRISP is externally funded by private and public foundations. DRISP counts approximately 10-13 full and part-time employees consisting of Senior Researchers, Postdoctoral Fellows, PhD students, Research Trainees, and other affiliated members.

We are passionate about suicide prevention and high-quality research and we work actively to obtain a national action plan for suicide prevention in Denmark.

ESSSB in 2024

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