Panum Building
Blegdamsvej 3B
DK-2200 Copenhagen

The ESSSB-19 will be held in the Panum and the Maersk Tower, which house the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of Copenhagen University. The Maersk Tower is an architectural beauty following the Nordic design tradition of having open and wood-filled spaces. The building was opened in 2017 and has received numerous international awards. It was designed by the world-renowned architect company, C.F. Møller Architects. The architects made extra efforts to design the building as a venue, which encourages people to come together as a means of promoting communication, hopefully leading its users to knowledge sharing and inspiration for new and ground-breaking research. A fun fact is that the parking lots in the basement exclusively accommodates 950 bicycles, while another 1400 parking spaces for bicycles are found outside. As you are likely to notice during your stay, Danes take biking very seriously.

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The conference venue offers two large auditoriums of 500 and 400 seats as well as numerous smaller auditoriums, ranging between 50-190 seats and seminar rooms. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria of the Maersk Tower, which seats around 400 people indoors and outdoors, in addition to adjacent table space and standing areas.

The nearby surroundings of the conference venue include:

  • the five Copenhagen Lakes, which offer an up to 6 km lakeside run or walk.
  • the Royal Botanical Garden.
  • the ‘Statens Museum for Kunst’, which is the national art gallery of Denmark.
  • the city centre is reached within a 30 min walk or within minutes by catching one of the frequent city buses. Copenhagen is good for lovers of public transport.

ESSSB in 2024

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